case studies


Process Combustion Corporation

Pittsburgh, PA; Aylesbury, U.K.; Beijing, China

Pollution control technology and equipment

Will Huebner, President

Client Situation: For the first time in its history PCC faced rapidly declining sales and a “burning platform” in its core markets. The company’s strategy was lacking direction and PCC paid a heavy price in sales, profit and market share erosion. A turnaround effort was very much in order.

Solution: PCC took the logical first step of developing a compelling strategic plan, one intended to put it on a path to growth. They then went about executing the plan with rare diligence, following up with market research, sales rep development, a sharper new web site and a renewed focus on international sales.

Impact: Over the past five years PCC’s revenues have increased by 500% and profitability is up even more dramatically. From life on the edge of a burning platform, PCC is now a force to be reckoned with in its industry.

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Mount Pleasant, PA

A one-of-a-kind cut glass designer and manufacturer

Rolf Poeting, President

Client Situation: Glassautomatic faced a number of critical decisions brought on by dramatic changes taking place in its industry.

Solution: With support from Bryan J. Fischer and One Step Beyond, Glassautomatic developed and is executing a powerful business strategy, with a strong emphasis on making the company a more marketing- and sales-focused organization. Executive Coaching helps keep the client team focused and accountable.

Impact: Glassautomatic recently achieved record sales and profits and, while impacted by the current recession, has nonetheless expanded its marketing and sales efforts and is weathering the storm better than most in its industry.

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Specialty Tires of America

Indiana, PA and Unicoi, Tennessee

Specialty tire applications for a wide range of industries

Don Mateer, Chairman, CEO and President

Client Situation: Specialty Tires (STA) was determined to achieve greater speed-to-market while developing and launching successful new products

Solution: Working with Bryan J. Fischer, STA utilized Eureka! Ranch Eureka Winning Ways tools and methodology ( More than four dozen new product and service ideas were generated, four were evaluated using a highly disciplined screening process and two were targeted for further development.

Impact: One particular application generated more than $250,000 in revenue for STA in the first six months after launch, with minimal initial marketing and sales support. The company anticipates greater than $1,000,000 in new revenue in the first full year of production.

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PC Network Services

Pittsburgh, PA

We keep your IT infrastructure stable, your costs predictable, and your staff focused on

activities that execute your business strategy and add to the bottom line.

Peter R. Briden, President

Client Situation: PC Network Services has experienced steady growth since being formed nearly two decades ago. With growth and changes in technology came increased complexity. When the company came across Verne Harnish, author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, they found a strategy tool they wanted to adopt.

Solution: Through One Step Beyond and its partnership with Gazelles, Verne Harnish’s consulting arm, PC Network Services committed to a 12 month program to learn and implement the Rockefeller Habits. This is being accomplished through a 2-day “deep dive” to develop a baseline One-Page Strategic Plan, continuous coaching on implementation and a series of Quarterly Planning sessions.

Impact: The PC Network Services executive team has fully embraced the Rockefeller Habits as a strategy development and execution framework. They have committed to a One-Page Plan and are already hard at work implementing such key concepts as defining and deploying the company’s Core Values and restructuring the firm’s Meeting Rhythms.

To learn more about PC Network Services’ experience with the Rockefeller Habits, contact Peter Briden at

La Prima Espresso Company

Pittsburgh, PA

Western Pennsylvania’s premier roaster and retailer of authentic Italian espresso

Sam Patti, President

Client Situation: The team at La Prima is passionate about great coffee and takes their commitment to                                 community involvement and sustainability incredibly seriously. And after 20 years of steady growth, the                                       senior leadership team was determined to increased the focus and discipline of operations and their growth strategy.

Solution: Through the effective use of traditional strategic planning tools (Brainstorming, SWOT Analysis, Prioritization), La Prima documented and undertook the implementation of the company’s first formal strategic plan. Since then, the client has utilized concepts from leading growth practitioners such as Chet Holmes, Pat Lencioni, Verne Harnish and Jim Collins to further refine and focus its continuous improvement and growth goals.

Impact: La Prima has a documented strategic plan, a detailed Marketing & Sales plan to support the overall strategy and has put systems in place to more closely track marketing activity, sales performance, customer interaction and internal communication. And the company’s growth goal remains firmly fixed on their management radar.

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Clark Metal Products

Blairsville, PA

A leader in metal fabrication, helping clients successfully design and manufacture products

Rob Clark, Vice President - Operations

Client Situation: Clark Metal had a strong strategic plan, but was struggling to cascade the strategic objectives into an action plan with measurable results.  The management team recognized the need to develop a simple, but effective means of holding themselves accountable to their strategic objectives.

Solution: Clark Metal Products partnered with One Step Beyond to create a detailed Action Plan to guide the company’s strategy execution efforts and followed up by creating and implementing a Marketing & Sales Strategy. Executive Coaching and participation in The Executive Forum is helping to keep Clark Metal focused on a range of improvement opportunities.

Impact: The metal fabrication industry has been severely impacted by the recession. But because Clark Metal now has an action plan with clear milestones and measurements, they are confident that they will emerge from this challenging period stronger than ever.  The Marketing and Sales strategy that was developed has resulted in an unprecedented number of new prospects and new customers.

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The Enrico Biscotti Company

Pittsburgh, PA

Funky goodness from a bakery and cafe Gourmet magazine called one of America’s ten best

Larry Lagattuta, President

Client Situation: The Enrico Biscotti Company is a western Pennsylvania institution. And like a lot of entrepreneurs, Larry Lagattuta found himself working in the business, far more that he was able to work on the business. The Enrico team put together a company strategy that guides the company’s growth strategy and improvement agenda.

Solution: Through a facilitated discussion and highly structured, but creative process, Enrico Biscotti documented and undertook the implementation of the organization’s first formal strategic plan. A Marketing & Sales strategy now supports the overall strategy and Executive Coaching has helped keep the company focused and accountable.

Impact: The Enrico Biscotti Company continues to grow and change and embrace new opportunities, whether related to customer offerings (its uniquely themed dinners), partnerships (with other local artisan producers) or technology (through the use of a variety of social media). The results of had a highly beneficial impact on the company’s top and bottom lines.

To learn more about Enrico Biscotti’s always interesting adventure,contact Larry Lagattuta at

TIGG Corporation

Oakdale, PA and Heber Springs, Arkansas

An air and water purification firm, with capability to design and manufacture steel tanks

Georgiana Riley, President

Client Situation: TIGG was looking to capitalize on an exciting, but challenging market opportunity that required a manufacturing and product line expansion.

Solution: Working with Bryan J. Fischer and One Step Beyond, TIGG carried out detailed market research that looked at the needs and requirements of potential customers, manufacturing and distribution partners and also closely analyzed the company’s competitors, as part of developing and executing a detailed growth strategy.

Impact: TIGG has experienced strong sales growth in its emerging product line and feels strongly enough about the potential in this market to make significant investments in both human capital and its manufacturing facilities.

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Irwin Automation

Greensburg, PA

A custom precision machining company

Larry Taylor, President

Client Situation: Irwin Automation had a long and enviable history of slow, steady growth. A change in ownership, however, and an infusion of new talent on the management team, led the company to focus on some excellent and exciting growth opportunities.

Solution: Through the effective use of traditional strategic planning tools (Brainstorming, SWOT Analysis, Prioritization), Irwin Automation documented and undertook the implementation of the company’s first formal strategic plan. Impressively, while managing rapid growth and all the associated challenges, the team remains focused on successful implementation of their strategic plan.

Impact: Irwin Automation has a detailed strategic plan, which it uses as both a management tool (e.g. to track progress), as well as a communications tool (to keep everyone on the same page). Early returns are very positive, with the company implementing its plan, while at the same time rapidly increasing revenue.

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