Enrico Biscotti


The Enrico Biscotti Company

Pittsburgh, PA

Funky goodness from a bakery and cafe Gourmet magazine called one of America’s ten best

Larry Lagattuta, President


Client Situation: The Enrico Biscotti Company is a western Pennsylvania institution. And like a lot of entrepreneurs, Larry Lagattuta found himself working in the business, far more that he was able to work on the business. The Enrico team put together a company strategy that guides the company’s growth strategy and improvement agenda.

Solution: Through a facilitated discussion and highly structured, but creative process, Enrico Biscotti documented and undertook the implementation of the organization’s first formal strategic plan. A Marketing & Sales strategy now supports the overall strategy and Executive Coaching has helped keep the company focused and accountable.

Impact: The Enrico Biscotti Company continues to grow and change and embrace new opportunities, whether related to customer offerings (its uniquely themed dinners), partnerships (with other local artisan producers) or technology (through the use of a variety of social media). The results of had a highly beneficial impact on the company’s top and bottom lines.

To learn more about Enrico Biscotti’s always interesting adventure,contact Larry Lagattuta at llagattuta@enricobiscotti.com.