Irwin Automation


Irwin Automation

Greensburg, PA

A custom precision machining company

Larry Taylor, President

Client Situation: Irwin Automation had a long and enviable history of slow, steady growth. A change in ownership, however, and an infusion of new talent on the management team, led the company to focus on some excellent and exciting growth opportunities.

Solution: Through the effective use of traditional strategic planning tools (Brainstorming, SWOT Analysis, Prioritization), Irwin Automation documented and undertook the implementation of the company’s first formal strategic plan. Impressively, while managing rapid growth and all the associated challenges, the team remains focused on successful implementation of their strategic plan.

Impact: Irwin Automation has a detailed strategic plan, which it uses as both a management tool (e.g. to track progress), as well as a communications tool (to keep everyone on the same page). Early returns are very positive, with the company implementing its plan, while at the same time rapidly increasing revenue.

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