La Prima Espresso


La Prima Espresso Company

Pittsburgh, PA

Western Pennsylvania’s premier roaster and retailer of authentic Italian espresso

Sam Patti, President

Client Situation: The team at La Prima is passionate about great coffee and takes their commitment to                                 community involvement and sustainability incredibly seriously. And after 20 years of steady growth, the                                       senior leadership team was determined to increased the focus and discipline of operations and their growth strategy.

Solution: Through the effective use of traditional strategic planning tools (Brainstorming, SWOT Analysis, Prioritization), La Prima documented and undertook the implementation of the company’s first formal strategic plan. Since then, the client has utilized concepts from leading growth practitioners such as Chet Holmes, Pat Lencioni, Verne Harnish and Jim Collins to further refine and focus its continuous improvement and growth goals.

Impact: La Prima has a documented strategic plan, a detailed Marketing & Sales plan to support the overall strategy and has put systems in place to more closely track marketing activity, sales performance, customer interaction and internal communication. And the company’s growth goal remains firmly fixed on their management radar.

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