Process Combustion


Process Combustion Corporation

Pittsburgh, PA; Aylesbury, U.K.; Beijing, China

Pollution control technology and equipment

Will Huebner, President

Client Situation: For the first time in its history PCC faced rapidly declining sales and a “burning platform” in its core markets. The company’s strategy was lacking direction and PCC paid a heavy price in sales, profit and market share erosion. A turnaround effort was very much in order.

Solution: PCC took the logical first step of developing a compelling strategic plan, one intended to put it on a path to growth. They then went about executing the plan with rare diligence, following up with market research, sales rep development, a sharper new web site and a renewed focus on international sales.

Impact: Over the past five years PCC’s revenues have increased by 500% and profitability is up even more dramatically. From life on the edge of a burning platform, PCC is now a force to be reckoned with in its industry.

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