Specialty Tires of America


Specialty Tires of America

Indiana, PA and Unicoi, Tennessee

Specialty tire applications for a wide range of industries

Don Mateer, Chairman, CEO and President


Client Situation: Specialty Tires (STA) was determined to achieve greater speed-to-market while developing and launching successful new products

Solution: Working with Bryan J. Fischer, STA utilized Eureka! Ranch Eureka Winning Ways tools and methodology (www.eurekaranch.com). More than four dozen new product and service ideas were generated, four were evaluated using a highly disciplined screening process and two were targeted for further development.

Impact: One particular application generated more than $250,000 in revenue for STA in the first six months after launch, with minimal initial marketing and sales support. The company anticipates greater than $1,000,000 in new revenue in the first full year of production.

To learn more about Specialty Tires’ terrific story,reach out to Don Mateer at dmateerIII@stausaonline.com