the business


Business Strategy

Working with organizational leadership teams to create growth and improvement strategies using traditional methods such as variations on Five Forces Analysis, the Balanced Scorecard, SWOT Analysis and Opportunity Analysis or the licensed materials supporting The Rockefeller Habits and their Learning + Coaching model.

Strategy Execution

Supporting strategy development teams to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of their business strategy. The emphasis is on detailed plans that include focus, accountability, responsibility, timelines, milestones and metrics that help the client team “operationalize” the strategy execution effort. Features traditional and/or Rockefeller Habits tools.

Executive Coaching

Research shows that a frequent feature of leadership positions is a sense of isolation within the business. Coaching, therefore, provides two important benefits: giving executives an external (and neutral) “sounding board” and/or supporting organizational leaders in their desire to grow and expand their knowledge base and capabilities.

Performance Benchmarking

Focused on issues related to marketing, sales and business growth strategy, the benchmarking tool is a simple, but effective way for leadership teams to “bring the outside in” -- giving management of view of the company’s performance vs. a group of peer companies to highlight improvement potential.

The Executive Forum

One Step Beyond currently manages and facilitates The Executive Forum, a peer learning group for company leaders.

The Forum meets every other month for a full-day to support each other in achieving the focus and accountability required to implement successful change.

The group follows a structured format that focuses on benchmarking data, best practices and exchanging ideas about important trends and issues of interest to all the participants.