the executive forum



The Executive Forum

A place for leaders to learn and grow. Together.

  1. A small group of senior executives meet every other month offsite for a full-day.

  2. The participants all come from small-to-medium sized organizations; the environment is completely confidential.

  3. The meeting agenda focuses on peer learning through the open exchange of information and continuous learning.

  4. There is a mix of individual,                                           small group and “open mic” activities;                                       we consider each companies’ data, as                                       well as soft skill issues.

  5. The process is facilitated by an                                    executive coach, but the content is                                   driven entirely by the participants.

  6. Homework is assigned and collaboration among the participants, including between meetings, is encouraged.

  7. The goal of the group is to empower leaders to make better decisions and implement them more successfully due to having a powerful sounding board.

  8. Additional information and references available on request. A sample agenda can be found here.