Process Combustion: a U.S.-based operating unit of a British firm faced a “burning platform” as sales for its core product line declined by over 60% in a few years. Now, five years later, sales have grown 500% and profit has gone through the roof.

PC Network Services: a fast-growing regional technology firm wanted to deploy The Rockefeller Habits as a strategic management tool to bring about greater focus and accountability in the executive team. Check out the impact that the Habits have had.

La Prima Espresso: the Pittsburgh area’s premier coffee roaster was looking to put more systems and processes in place, especially in marketing and sales. Strategy development and execution and Executive Coaching helped move the company in the right direction.

Clark Metal Products: a metal fabricator based in western Pennsylvania wanted to control its destiny and developed a solid strategic plan, but implementation proved challenging. A more detailed action plan, a supporting Marketing & Sales strategy and Executive Coaching have led to impressive progress.

TIGG: an air and water purification firm with locations in Pennsylvania and Arkansas was looking at a market opportunity that required a manufacturing and product line expansion. Market research and a strategic plan gave direction to their ambitious growth efforts.

Irwin Automation: a custom precision machining company was wrestling with an ownership and management change, along with tremendous growth opportunities. Creating a detailed strategic action plan has them on the path to realizing their goals.

The Enrico Biscotti Company: a Pittsburgh-based bakery, cafe and wholesaler of authentic Italian biscotti and a wide variety of old world recipes was looking to make the transition from dynamic entrepreneurship to a more systematic management approach.

Glassautomatic: as recently as a few years ago, this western Pennsylvania-based glass company felt as if they were fighting for their lives in a very challenging industry. A focus on strategy, then marketing and sales, however, has given the company a new lease on life.

Specialty Tires of America: a north American specialty tire manufacturer was looking to develop and successfully launch new products. Check out their path to a seven-figure success story.